Pre-Divorce Family Law Counseling In Tennessee

When faced with divorce, I know that many people are looking for support beyond just legal options. That’s why I’m here to help you create the best possible future, from both an emotional and legal perspective.

Pre-Divorce Family Law Counseling

Many people think about going to counseling when trying to save their marriages. Others begin counseling after starting the divorce process. But what about those in the middle who are contemplating a divorce but don’t know if they are prepared legally or mentally. Who do they speak to? A lawyer? A counselor? A pastor? A friend?

As a family law attorney, when I ask clients what brings them in, they often say “my husband has cheated” or “my wife has left me” or “we are just growing apart”; and as a lawyer, I reply with legal options. However, as a counselor, I know that when people walk in with these statements, they are looking for far more than their legal options.

What they are really saying is that I am saddened, disappointed, or angered by the state of my marriage, and I need someone to help me decide what I should do next, if divorce is right for me from a legal standpoint, and how I should navigate what could be the end of my marriage.

In these situations, I have found that clients are really looking for and really need someone to walk them through the divorce process from both a legal and an emotional standpoint so that they can better traverse the unpredictable and tumultuous path ahead. Divorce is never easy, but when you have been prepared from emotional and legal standpoints, you can confidently make the tough decisions that will affect your future.


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What To Expect From Pre-Divorce Family Law Counseling

We will only provide this form of counseling to one party to prevent any ethical issues, as such party may choose to move forward with legal representation. Pre-Divorce Legal Counseling can provide a safe, confidential, and supportive place to consider your options. It can also serve as divorce preparation depending on needs and goals.

Generally, the goals of Pre-Divorce Counseling include:

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Our Family Law Counseling Services

Guiding you through what to do next, so you are emotionally and legally prepared to make the tough decisions that will affect your future.

Helping you navigate modifications of custody, financial support, and more – plus the emotional ramifications of the divorce process.

Helping you make your legal case and channel your emotions to display the best you have to offer.

Guiding you through enforcing or modifying the custody order – it’s important to work with someone you trust legally and mentally.

Helping you through tough conversations, so you and your loved ones are are best positioned from legal and mental health standpoints.

Supporting you after the loss of a loved one. Answering questions about what comes next, including administering their estate.

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